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The interactive storybook-app Monster, benimm dich! becomes the educational game Monsters behave! For this reason, we would like to use this opportunity to present to you some of the reviews we received for the first version Monster, benimm dich!.

Stiftung Lesen:

‘Kids are going to find the app very easy to use, while adults might have to help a little bit to complete the entire group of little monsters. But the combination of education, language and gaming will make it a fun process for sure!’


‘Hey, don’t you feel like acting out, picking your nose, squinting, farting and spitting, but without getting your mother angry? This group of little monsters can do that. But of course, Mother Monster will be happier if her bunch of rebels learns a few good manners in the end.

To make that happen, you have to start rhyming.’



‘We like the app a lot, also because we have a soft spot for rhyme-apps. Everyone who treats oneself and their children with this fun will be rewarded with a unique, fun and educational app for children. We promise that you will see your children in more than just one of these monsters; we see quite a few of the monsters in our children, especially the chomp monster, the sway monster and the slumber monster. We laughed so hard when we discovered the slumber monster! Obviously, the speaker recites the rhyme verrrrry slooooowly.’


‘Monster, benimm dich!’ | Our excitement: 100%

Monster, benimm dich! – that is great and meaningful fun for children and the parents will join the laughter. Monster, benimm dich! was rated one of the best apps in 2013 in the categories:

  • Best apps for children  |  iPad

  • Best German apps  |  iPad

  • Best book apps  |  iPad

  • Fun apps  |  iPad

  • Monster apps  |  iPad



Besondere Kinderapps:

‘The research on table-manners has been so comprehensive that children will quickly recognize themselves in the way the monsters behave. Not only will they have a blast laughing about the hilarious etiquette, but they can also learn something about themselves... Conclusion: While being a lot of fun, this is a very smart app, which has been developed with a lot of dedication from the developers.’



Apps für Kinder:

‘Monster, benimm dich!’ with its stunning illustrations, its hilarious animations and its professionally recorded rhymes, is both a real eye and ear-catcher. The fun factor is high, and the next time parents laugh with their children about these initially misbehaving monsters, they might realise that children naturally behave better when they are happy.’



Chip Online:

‘With the (...) learning-app ‘Monster, benimm dich!’ for iPad, kids can learn how bad one can possibly behave. Mother monster is of course highly unpleased with the behaviour of her hatch. That’s why children will learn quickly how it’s done right. The e-book has even more to offer for your kids: a great practice for memorising rhymes in order to complete short poems. Throughout the game your kids will be accompanied by a monstrously great narrator, who will capture their imagination and read the poems out loud.’


‘Teach funny monsters while learning yourself about good behaviour in a playful way with the storybook-app ‘Monster, benimm dich!’ by Linguino. And those monsters really need a lesson on etiquette – they munch, pick their noses and burp. Linguino’s aim with this app is to connect fantasy, humor and a playful promotion of language in an entertaining way.’




‘Highly recommended for all parents who value good education. ‘Monster, benimm dich!’ is professionally made and a perfect example that also children can handle an iPad reasonably.’



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